Mo is a charismatic, entrepreneurial star of Perth. Mo-Mos is her vintage store in Perths inner city suburb of Inglewood, just a few minutes drive down Beaufort St. Stepping into Mo-Mos is like stepping into an exciting timewarp and not knowing exactly where you'll end up until you've made it out of the changerooms a good hour later.... Mo will be updating us with additions and information on this exciting blog... xx

Friday, July 23, 2010

Well it's a exciting week as usual here at Mo-Mos. Loads of new stock. (New stock comes in daily) and plenty of retro and vintage jewelerry pieces to gaze at and choose from.

Some more people discovering Mo-Mos and coming from far and wide now that we're online. So much to explore and look through.
Just a small glimpse at some of our highly sought shoe range.
Exploring Mo-Mos is an easy way to spend a leisurely afternoon.
Assistant Dee hiding behind some jewelerry!
This piece is just stunning. An original 70s to die for.
Check out our select display of 70s garments in the window at the moment.
The sale rack out the front always stops traffic....
Some more of our vintage jewelerry pieces.
Chester guards the designer shoes....
Here are just a few more samples of the goodies that have come in the doors this week.
Dazzle your sences.
Men are amazed at the selection of vintage shoes we have for them....
The walls are alive....
Above: Dee tidies up after a busy influx of happy customers...
Below: a lovely travel bag... rare and exciting.

Don't forget to look inside the vest/top room full of goodies to explore.

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