Mo is a charismatic, entrepreneurial star of Perth. Mo-Mos is her vintage store in Perths inner city suburb of Inglewood, just a few minutes drive down Beaufort St. Stepping into Mo-Mos is like stepping into an exciting timewarp and not knowing exactly where you'll end up until you've made it out of the changerooms a good hour later.... Mo will be updating us with additions and information on this exciting blog... xx

About Mo

Well how lucky am I! Here I am living in sunny Perth, with a dream of mine that has finally become a reality. With many hands and great creative minds, we have established Mo-Mos which is the real deal. Original clothing from all eras and all over the world, which people bring in on consignment.
I feel I am the luckiest person, doing what I love and enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life, and all over the world.
Also sharing and inspiring me more than ever, the wonderful original garments that flow through the dors on a daily basis.

- Mo xx