Mo is a charismatic, entrepreneurial star of Perth. Mo-Mos is her vintage store in Perths inner city suburb of Inglewood, just a few minutes drive down Beaufort St. Stepping into Mo-Mos is like stepping into an exciting timewarp and not knowing exactly where you'll end up until you've made it out of the changerooms a good hour later.... Mo will be updating us with additions and information on this exciting blog... xx

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reopened, Refurbished, and Renoovated!!! and Mo is Re-energised!

Words can't express how excited Mo is to have reopened her store following the new design, expansion, and layout.
There is just so much to look at and take in.. It's like visiting the ultimate planet of kitch, vintage, and designer branding.. and the Atmosphere is just so happy, pleasant, and good!

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